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Literary translation remains one of the hardest feats in the world of translation.
In literary translation, the translator doesn’t only need capture the meaning of the words but he/she must also preserve the unique writing style of the author: the way in which the words flow, the subtle underlying messages that the writer wants to convey to his/her readers.

At Andalus Translation LLC, we realize the importance of maintaining the essence and soul of translated literature. Literature isn’t simply a string of words put together to create a factual or fictional statement; it’s an art form that must maintain its core message through whatever language in which it is presented to its readers. We have a team of professional translators that specialize in literary texts, usually with a background in professional writing themselves.

Literally the Best: Top Quality Literary Translation in Dubai

Throughout the Emirates, it is difficult to find a translation company able to excel in producing high quality literary translations. From our offices in Dubai, Andalus Translation LLC has a highly qualified team of literary translators, adept at expertly crafting a translation that maintains not only the meaning, but the tone, of the literary text.